Saw Close, Bath

Saw Close


  • Leisure, Hotel
  • Bath
  • 20,000 Sq Ft GIA
  • January 2018
  • Completed
  • 149 Bedrooms

The redevelopment at Saw Close provided Bath with a new casino, a boutique hotel and two restaurants, enhancing the setting of the Theatre Royal and other nearby listed buildings with a new public realm area in front of the development replacing an old car park.    

The scheme was forward purchased by the National Grid UK Pension Scheme. 

Located in a UNESCO World Heritage site above historic Roman remains, the development required a large-scale archaeological dig, uncovering Roman mosaics and post-medieval pipe factories which were preserved in situ where possible.  The scheme involved new-build and refurbishment of listed buildings and re-developing a scheduled ancient monument.

This was a large, complex project involving numerous stakeholders, Historic England, the local authority, tenants and up to five contracting teams who were all operational on site simultaneously.

Our main challenge at Saw Close was constructing new buildings sensitively alongside historic structures. This was also our key success, as we secured a planning consent that would balance the demands of a modern development, including high levels of energy conversation and sustainability, while retaining details of the historic buildings.